Quality Policy

Our Manufacturing process starts with the selection and testing of the raw materials daily in our in-house Lab, the whole process is supervised from pre to post production, the care is taken to guarantee the right measure of each ingredient is processed to near perfection to keep consistency of quality, hygiene and taste, over the year we have developed the right technique and process to fulfill the demands for the highest quality of products produced and are always adopting new technology and methods to better the process in every possible way.

Ingredient Selection

Our Ingredient selection has been standardized over the period of time, with suppliers providing us with the best of products and information for decades and with an in-house Lab to verify and check the norms of all the ingredients we can assure the best quality for our products.


Preservation of raw materials and finished products is a very essential and crucial part of our business for which we have developed a streamlined process and channels which helps us maintain high levels of movement of product daily so that the finished products are supplied fresh daily throughout the year. We have adopted to the new technologies and also use old tried and tested hard customs to maintain the supply chain of fresh products.

Quality Check

Quality Control is the essence of good product and our belief in this has developed a process which keeps a tab on the products right from the raw materials to the finished product to the ITC's ECF(Elemental Chlorine Free) USA FDA standard paper packing that we provide to our customers.

For Dealership and Trade Enquiries

We undertake corporate orders of all our products. Also we provide International Delivery of our products on special requests through our transport/logistic partners.