Occasional Mithai

Occasional Mithai
Type Price
Kaju Modak Box (21 Modak) (Ganesh Chaturthi) Rs. 160/-
Mawa Modak Box (21 Modak)(available in 1kg - Rs. 440/-) (Ganesh Chaturthi) Rs. 90/-
Amba Modak Box (21 Modak) (Ganesh Chaturthi) Rs. 100/-
Kaju Chocolate (21 Modak) (Ganesh Chaturthi) Rs. 160/-
Ukdiche Modak Rs. 20/- Each
Puranpoli (Holi) Rs. 40/- 2 pieces
Til ladu (Makar Sankrant) Rs. 340/-
Til wadi (Makar Sankrant) Rs. 300/-
Til Gajak (Makar Sankrant) Rs. 400/-

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